Preaching, Practicing and Promoting the Old Time Religion

A Fundamental, Independent, KJV Bible, Local Church

Faith Baptist Church – “We Are…”

  • We are an Independent Fundamental Local Baptist Church.
    What that means is that we are independent.  We are not affiliated with any type of an organized church system.
  • We are a Fundamental Church.
    That means we read the Bible and believe it says what it means, and means what it says.
  • We are a Local Church.
    We are your friends and neighbors right here in Springville NY. Our goal is to minister to the Local Community with whatever resources God provides.
  • We are Baptist by conviction; and believe things common among most Baptist Churches.
    In like fashion, we reach the world through our support of those called by God into the mission fields.

Please feel welcome to contact us for more information.

You Are Invited!!!

Please join us Sunday mornings and Thursday evenings for our Worship Services !
These services contain a time of prayer, readings from the Bible, singing, and preaching of the Word of God, then you are offered a time to respond to the preaching of God’s message.

We believe reading, studying, and listening to the Word of God does little good unless we are willing to APPLY it to our daily lives.

Don’t change the “Book”
Let the “Book” change You !

Our Evening Service includes a time to share your testimonies and praises of how God has been at work in your life.
You are invited to come and hear God’s message of reconciliation to all the world straight from the Bible.

Service Times


Morning Service at 10:00am
Evening Service at 6:30pm


Evening Prayer at 6:30pm
Mid-Week Service at 7:00pm
These services are for all ages, and all people!