Hoilness it is ALL about Holiness

by Kevin Friedman / 10 September 2014 / No Comments

It is ALL about Holiness.  That is our lives are to be ALL about Holiness.  We have far too many “questions” and arguments over foolish things that would be easily settled if we FIRST considered Holiness.  ALL of our decisions would be right, if we first considered Holiness.

The Bible says: Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.  That is 1 Peter 1:16.  There are no “hard words” there.  They are ALL easy to understand.  We make it “hard” when we work to get around what the Bible says clearly.  Our task is to be Holy;  God said so !!!  We would like to blame all kinds of other “things” (including people, religion, circumstances, on and on) But our “troubles” are our own making.  God knows what is best for All of us.

It is God’s Will that NONE should perish. Read 2 Peter 3:9 God’s Will is clearly expressed in this verse.  Here He also calls us to repentance.  He is not interested in us staying where we are,  but in our coming to Him.  When we read the Bible, God tries to speak to us.  Often we dismiss what He says because it does not fit into our way of thinking.  For us this is a terrible wrong !  God is Not wrong ever.  We are most often wrong.  Yet God says, come to repentance;  do not stay where you are, neither just get mad.  But God says come.  The Spirit says, Come.  And I say to you today, Come!!

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