Our Exciting World

by Kevin Friedman / 15 August 2014 / No Comments

Have you been hearing all the world news lately?  Famines, wars, sickness & diseases, earth quakes, storms, sounds to me like Luke 21:10-11.

If you want to know what else I have to say,  just read the whole chapter for yourself.  While you are doing that God may move you to reading a couple more chapters.  Why, the next thing you know, you might just read the whole book of Luke !  I have always had great interest in the gospels. I think it is a good place now days to start when thinking about reading your Bible all the way through.

Now if you do not have a Bible, there is a place on this site where you could contact me. And guess what . . .  I will see if I can get a Bible to you !!!

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